Pesto Recipe by Bart Dziegielewski


Fresh Basil


Pine nuts

Pecan nuts

Sea salt


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

My way of making pesto is very basic, but I make a point to use really fresh ingredients to start with. I also don’t use exact measurements but just go by taste, trying not to put too much of anything, but also not to skimp out on anything. In a food processer, place raw ingredients in: basil leaves (lots of them), 2 cloves of garlic, small handful of pine nuts, a few pecans (optional), sea salt, pepper, and some extra virgin olive oil (a fair amount). Then blend well. Some people like to add cheese too, but for me, I think I prefer to add it while serving. I made one recently with granulated parmesan, and fresh gorgonzola cheese and it was pretty good, but I would encourage you to experiment with different kinds. Serve with vermicelli or angel hair pasta cooked “al-dente.”

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