The Last Spelling Walk: Idris Goodwin
Setting the Table (for Phyllis Watkins Spengler): Sue Spengler
Art: Sarah Parker
Authorship of Culture: Katey Sleeveless
Puzzles: Jessy Randall
Photography: Brian and Jonah Tryon
That Awkward MOM-ent: Ciera Coleman
Lift Off: Xanthe Alexis
Essay: Elizabeth Charlotte Grant
Thank you for the love: Daisy McGowan

Introduction: Katey Sleeveless
Documentary: Abby Kresuer
uncollapsed (for Lio on his Fifth Birthday): Katey Sleeveless
Lost and Recovered: Sadie Sardy
Illustration: Riley Marlene Bratzler
Stardust Soup: Lindsay London
Photography: Erin Galindo
Photography: David Bieda
The Incomparable Queen of Herbs: Marisa Madge
’16’ and ‘pirate’: Xanthe Alexis
His Heart: Luke Cissell
Ex Nihilo: Elizabeth Charlotte Grant
Resting Here in This Bed With Those I Love: Karen Olson Edwards
Worth It: Jessy Randall
How to Liberate a Mama : Let Her Be: Nicole Villano
Bart’s ‘Super Easy Biscuits and Gravy ’ Recipe: Bart Dziegiewski

Prelude by Katey Sleeveless
Introduction by Jen Filonowich
To All Those Expecting Their First by Idris Goodwin
Audio Track, “To All Those Expecting Their First” by Idris Goodwin
Middle of the Night Flowchart by Jessy Randall
These Are the Plums We Picked by Abwoon Raath Pontz
This is What They Looked Like After the Process by Abwoon Raath Pontz
I Think I’d Like To… by Jessy Randall
How to Liberate a Mama: She Got Free by Nicole Villano
Have Child, Will Travel by Nikki Stewart
NOTES by Karen Olson Edwards and Lindsay London
Pesto Recipe by Bart Dziegielewski
Food Review by Bart Dziegielewski

Three Poems by Kyle Harvey
Herbal Iced Tea Blend by Elise Bowan
How to Liberate a Mama: The Beginning by Nicole Villano
I’ve Hardened My Heart by Marina Eckler
Have Son, Will Travel by Katey Sleeveless
What Freedom Meant To Me by Marina Eckler
Red Raspberry Leaf by Tara Burns

Introduction by Katey Sleeveless
Nourishing Nettles by Allison Cruse
They Say You Need A Slogan for Christmas by Noel Black
A Child’s Guide by Nicolette Stewart
Some Mornings I Wake Up by Noel Black
ROLLS by Adam Hawkins

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