uncollapsed (for Lio on his Fifth Birthday): Katey Sleeveless

My favorite part is the one where you
leap into this bed
between three and five a.m.
knees buried within your
giant, oversized star wars t-shirt
left leg lifts
right leg bends
pony hop
an exuberant style i hope you never lose
directly up like pan
then crumpled to my side
bellowed in the crook and bend of the sheet
hair star swept
head smiling
closing your eyes again
agreeing for it to be daylight
when it comes
you are drawn up like a pressed wooden figure
a collapsable toy
string tied from the crown of your skull
straight up to the heart of god
god smiles
you lift
and immediately request breakfast
and to see if you can watch
you have no sleeping life
that is different from your waking life
your dreams equal
your reality
you have been hard
hardened by possibility
forgiving yourself with grace and
I hope you never lose.

Katey Sleeveless