Some Mornings I Wake Up

by Noel Black

Some Mornings I Wake Up
having completely forgotten that I’m a magical wizard
as I shuffle about in the kitchen making coffee
and stirring the wet food
into the dry food
as though life were something ordinary
and the mystic song of the dog food in this stainless steel bowl
were nothing more or less than the mashing sound of nasty meat.
“Heeeeerrrrrre Yggdrasil!” I call to my dragon
remembering now
as he bounds across the castle floor
& wags his pointy tail
like an ordinary dog who loves dog food.
I don’t know why my dragon loves dog food,
but I’m happy he’s happy
and happy he’s reminded me
that it’s the small things in this life that matter.
Then I hug my son & kiss my wife
for I must ride to meet the dawn.
The Army of Darkness has gathered in the East,
and I must carve my name upon the tree of life.

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