Photography: David Bieda

David Bieda 1

I have been drawn to the outdoors since I was a kid growing up in Michigan. I really became interested in nature photography, however, when I spent two summers working in Yosemite National Park and one summer at Mt. Rainier National Park in between college semesters. While I worked in Yosemite, I used to browse the Ansel Adams Art Gallery in the valley, and really gained an appreciation of his work.

David Bieda 2

Nonetheless, I have learned over the years that a good photograph does not need to be taken in a famous location such as Yosemite or Mt. Rainier. Several of my favorite photos have been taken around my home or while enjoying some time with my daughters Jessica and Rebecca.  I continue to pursue photography in my free time and have encouraged both of my daughters to express themselves in art.

David Bieda