Photography: Brian and Jonah Tryon


A summer day, a rare occasion myself and my teenage middle son enjoying art and each other’s company in downtown Colora- do Springs. It’s a rare occasion because he’s a teenager now and Dad isn’t so cool to hang out with. This thing happens. I’m very aware, I was the same with my Dad (when I was a teenag- er). Jonah is very talented. He’s a

dancer, plays the flute, paints and is a very good photographer. He will rarely share his photographs with me, I’m not sure why? He knows photography is my pas- sion. He’s private about his work. I’m ok with it, I think I get it. I’m always looking for common ground to meet. My assump- tion is it would be Photogra- phy. Nope… being a teenager is

a very complicated time in life, so I try and be sensitive about it. I’m entirely not sure where I’m going with this, but I’ve been thinking about this often. I think like with photography I need to just be present and live in the rare moments we share time and he shares his photos. I’m super hyped all of my kids are very artistic and creative.

He’s the only one who doesn’t share it with me (very often). In a way I dig it, it’s an Artist mind. I’m very ok with that… enjoy!

Brian Tryon

(L) Brian by Jonah Tryon (R) Jonah by Brian Tryon