Herbal Iced Tea Blend

by Elise Bowan

Elises grandmothers and oldest son-303

My grandma passed away a few days ago. I spent many summers with her. She had bees in the backyard, a giant tree with a handmade swing for all of us grandkids, gobs of vintage board games to play, and endless stories of raising 5 children, traveling the world, and telling us of relatives near and far and all of their pursuits. She always had a pitcher of iced tea steeping on the back porch (hers was the traditional Lipton black tea and usually had loads of sugar blended in).

This tea blend is in honor of her: a woman so full of love (rose), so gentle and calm (chamomile), so homespun and resourceful, yet a world traveler (lavender), and the sweetest of women (stevia).

Summer Iced Tea Blend

2 T rosebuds or petals
2 T lavender
2. T chamomile flowers
1 T Stevia leaves

Place herbs in a large-sized tea bag that one side can be ironed to seal or a muslin bag. Steep in 1 qt. of water in summer sun for 4-6 hours, then pour over ice to serve.



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