Authorship of Culture: Katey Sleeveless

Authorship of Culture: Katey Sleeveless

I think it
remains to be seen
if we can actually harness
a global agility
or if we’re all just searching
“how to know if your avocado is ripe.”

Forget life hacks
and fail videos and the perfect kitchen tutorial.

The only thing I ever learned from the internet is that I was using bobby pins incorrectly
(the ridged part
goes down
against your scalp,

that’s what locks the hair in. News to me.)

All the rest of it —
“how to know if your avocado is ripe” —

fuck it. Fuck it all.

If you want
to know
if your avocado
is ripe,
go to Mexico City.

Lay under an avocado tree
for three seasons,
stare at the blossoms, stare at the fruit
as it grows.
Watch it take shape.
Notice the fruit that does not last through ripening. Notice what animals eat first.
See the avocado fall to the ground.
is when
your avocado
is ripe.

For god’s sakes, we haven’t lost ourselves completely.